9 Hour Tranquil SLEEP MUSIC: Music For Sleeping, Deep Sleep, Ambient Music, Delta Brainwaves


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This video features 9 Hours of Tranquil Sleep Music with delta brainwave entrainment to help you quickly relax and sleep more deeply.

Download The 9 Hour version of this soundtrack here:
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Meditation Blog:

Relaxing Sounds Music strives to offer the best, most relaxing music and sounds to help you relax more quickly, meditate more deeply and sleep more soundly. We have a wide variety of relaxing sleep sounds, sleep music, nature sounds, meditation music, yoga music, zen music, ambient music, spa music and music for Reiki and massage as well as focus-study music and music for creative visualization.

Our goal is simply to help bring you to deeper state of peace and relaxation, which can be especially useful while meditating, doing yoga or just trying to unwind for the day and get ready for sleep. The environmental and nature sounds have been recorded in high quality and enhanced to provide the best experience possible. Some of the music recordings also include brainwave entrainment technologies such as binaural beats and isochronic tones to help your brain produce deeply relaxing alpha waves, theta waves and delta waves to further calm your mind or help you sleep.

We have hundreds of hours of enjoyable sounds and music videos to listen to right here on YouTube. Here's some of the categories and playlists available to enjoy...

♦ Sleep Sounds, Ambient Sounds and White Noise ♦
Sounds of the ocean along with the sounds of whales singing in the background or the sounds of the beach with seagulls or the sounds of rain and rumbling thunder are all environmental sounds that have a calming effect on the nervous system and mind and help to promote deep restful sleep. We call these sleep sounds or sounds for sleep because when you listen to them the stress from the day begins to melt away, your mind begins to feel more calm and you quickly begin to feel sleepy and ready for deep satisfying sleep. These sounds can help soothe and calm those with an overactive mind or insomnia as well as provide a gentle lullaby for your baby or toddler to fall asleep to.

In addition, all of our ambient or white noise sound recordings can help block out other noises in your environment so that once you fall asleep, you stay asleep and end up having a more restful nights' sleep. We have a nice variety of ambient sounds and white noise, such as: crackling fire, cave drips and drops, air conditioner, fan sounds, air vent sounds, dryer sounds, brown noise, pink noise and soothing white noise.
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♦ Sleep Music ♦
Our gentle instrumental music is uniquely designed to promote deep relaxation and mental tranquility and to help you fall asleep quickly and easily. The sounds of ultra relaxing music along with ocean and whale sounds or seagulls can take you to another place while helping to quiet your mind and more easily allowing you to let go of any mental stress or tension you may be feeling. When your mind is relaxed your body will soon follow and before you know it you will gently drift away into deep relaxing sleep.
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♦ Nature Sounds ♦
If you like the sounds of nature and wildlife, there is something here for you, which includes; Forest Birds, Singing Birds, Summer Evening Nature Sounds, Summer Afternoon Birds, Evening Nature Sounds and the tranquility of some Frogs. These can be listened to any time of day and provide nice, relaxing background noise or ambient nature atmosphere.

Nature is like an orchestra, each insect or nature sound impacts the overall "song" of that recording. Frogs, crickets, katydid, grasshoppers and the ambient sounds of nature can help you feel more relaxed and more in touch with nature, which can help you feel more at ease and ready for a good nights sleep.
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♦ Music For Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation ♦
This playlist features a variety of relaxing music including music for yoga, meditation and relaxation along with brainwave entrainment / binaural beats to help promote alpha waves and theta waves for complete relaxation and deep meditation.
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♦ Ambient Music, Zen Music, Reiki Music and Spa Music ♦
This playlist features a variety of gentle calming music including ambient music, spa music, zen music, healing music and music perfect for reiki and massage.
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